Compliance Safe stores your documents — certificates, permits, licenses, and more — by Location, which mirror your physical businesses. Uploaded documents can be in PDF or image format.

Compliance Safe helps you and your team by securely storing your documents by Location. Compliance Safe is constantly monitoring expiration dates, and proactively reminding you about upcoming renewals.

In addition to the most up to date version of a document, Compliance Safe includes an archive of previously uploaded document versions, an event / update history, and a convenient link to send your most up to date version of your documents to 3rd parties / external recipients. Members of your team can be added as users, with access levels based on their role, so the right people can view existing documents or upload new ones as renewals arrive.

Compliance Safe also provides proactive email alerts, delivered to the appropriate team members, when documents are nearing expiration making it easy to see what needs your attention as documents approach expiration.

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