COMPLIANCE SAFE is the solution to ALL your compliance document management problems. How many times have you experienced these scenarios? Let us help you eliminate these headaches: get Compliance Safe today!

Single Store or Small Business


I just got an expiration notice in the mail.
As a sole proprietor, I didn’t have the time or people to create a system to track all my compliance documents.

Compliance Safe’s auto-notification features.

Compliance Safe stores, organizes and reminds you before certifications and licenses expire. Stop worrying, and never get an expiration notice again!

BONUS VIDEO: Hear how Chloe Noonan, StrasGlobal’s Permit and License Manager, saves valuable time and gains peace of mind with Compliance Safe’s automated REMINDERS feature.


I filed the new certificate and now I can’t find it.
I knew I’d received either a notice about upcoming expiration or a new certificate, but I now can’t locate either. I started looking through our paper and electronic files, checkbook and our payables – with no luck. It just disappeared!

Compliance Safe’s o
rganized, secure cloud-based storage
Compliance Safe organizes all your documents securely, in the cloud. Find them quickly and access them anytime via your smart phone, tablet or computer. Now, you can locate anything you need in minutes. Relax!


The bank reviewing my loan needs copies of my certificates.
I received a call, and she’s asking for proof of our licenses and certifications before approving my business loan. I don’t have time to drop everything to drive copies over to the bank, but we need that loan!

Compliance Safe’s document sharing features.
Compliance Safe lets you share documents with team members and critical third-party vendors and service providers who need quick access to your documents. Send them your certificates right from your phone, from anywhere you have internet access.  Easy! And congratulations on that loan!

Multiple Locations or Large-Scale Operations


In walks the inspector for a pop-up inspection, asking for my certificate.
One of my stores just called, looking for a copy of that certificate. I thought they had it there! Both the store manager and the inspector are waiting for me to locate it…

Instant, remote access and document sharing.
Compliance Safe allows team members with store-level authorization to access their documents anytime, from their location. No waiting: instant access to whatever certificate, license, or document they need. Now they can handle the inspector. Never get a call like that again!


Across our enterprise, I don’t have any visibility into overall compliance.
Who’s responsible for maintaining compliance? Where are all the certificates stored? Who’s accountable for renewals? HQ? Stores? How do I organize it all?

Comprehensive compliance visibility.
Compliance Safe provides at-a-glance visibility of compliance across the enterprise. The dashboard provides summary views, store-by-store detail right down to individual certificates. All the while keeping you informed of total number of documents that are current and those about to expire. You’ve got this – with Compliance Safe!


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