Compliance Safe Nominated a Finalist for CSP and CSProducts Best New Tech Product

The Compliance Safe team is extremely proud to be selected as a FINALIST for the 2020 CSP Retailer’s Choice Best New Product in Technology.

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Temple, Texas, September 1, 2020– COMPLIANCE SAFE™, a software service that monitors, tracks and protects your business-critical documents, has been named a 2020 CSP Retailer Choice Best New Product finalist in the Technology category.  CSP’s 17th annual Retailer Choice Best New Products Contest (BNPC) honors today’s top product innovations and tomorrow’s solutions, focusing on the most successful product launches from the past year. CSP and Convenience Store Products editors identified all finalists that were nominated by c-store industry members.

Managing paperwork is a headache for all retailers, with real risks that can potentially lead to serious disruptions in operations, shutdowns and loss of revenue. By revolutionizing the management of licenses, permits, and other critical documents, Compliance Safe standalone software service delivers for retailers in 3 key ways: reducing the time and costs of the management process, adding a layer of security to document storage, and minimizing chances of missed deadlines.

Compliance Safe’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboards, with automated email notifications for upcoming renewals, replaces hard-to-maintain, fragile Excel spreadsheets. Access to the website can be shared across a team as well as with third parties who need to stay in the loop, such as bankers, suppliers, and insurance companies.

Rather than relying on paper copies that can be damaged or go missing, Compliance Safe securely stores documents in the cloud. Pulling up a document is as simple as logging in on a mobile device or computer while sharing proof of compliance takes seconds and is done immediately. Documents are organized so it’s easy for authorized users to find what they need: for a specific store — all documents for site 101 — or by type — all alcohol permits. Compliance Safe’s document storage provides additional ongoing value through business continuity, as proven by keeping documents accessible throughout COVID-19 government and business office closures.

Compliance Safe, a division of retail management company StrasGlobal, was created as an internal compliance management tool. When it became evident that Compliance Safe would be an essential tool for the broader retailing community, it was introduced to retailers October 2019 and has found a growing user base. “It is humbling to be recognized. Our entire StrasGlobal and Compliance Safe teams are proud to bring our learnings to the rest of the convenience industry,” says StrasGlobal President Roy Strasburger.

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