Compliance Safe at SEPetro Expo

Compliance Safe was glad to be part of South East Petro – Food Marketing Exposition in Myrtle Beach.

Great reception from Operations execs to our software service that was built by retailers for retailers.  Compliance Safe Software as a Service saves hours of time to track and initiate renewals.

Numerous SEPetro attendees, including dealers, bankers, oil companies, restaurants, food service, real estate and transportation companies, told us the Compliance Safe dashboard with automated alerts is exactly what they’re looking for.

Especially since Compliance Safe is much more functional and user-friendly than Excel for store managers and HQ admin, think of it as insurance against a critical permit or certificate expiring and causing a disruption in store operation.

For more information about Compliance Safe contact:
Gerry Gabel
Business Development
Phone: (254) 230-0036
[email protected]

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