About Us

Compliance Safe was designed by industry experts with one thing in mind: helping you stay within compliance, so your doors stay open.

But who are we?

Just like you, we are retailers.

As retailers, we know first hand the financial pain of forgetting to a renew critical license. Yup… we’d put renewal dates on the calendar and then just move on.

We depended on spreadsheets to track all those documents, only to pay fines because we weren’t paying attention. Who had the latest version? How did we miss it again? Would have been nice to get a few alerts before expiration.

Our store managers knew the panic of scurrying to find proof of compliance for an unannounced inspector. Where did we put that… who has it?

We realized that every time this happened, we were putting our business at risk.

There had to be a better way, so we around looked for a solution.

But we couldn’t find one that met our specific needs. A solution that would track our documents in one place, sort them by location or type, let us share them easily, alert us to upcoming expirations and so much more. Everything a retailer would need to avoid the risk of late fees or even business closure. And all on a secure cloud-based location, to make it easier for everyone to use.

So we built our own solution:

Compliance Safe.

Once we developed Compliance Safe, we were immediately compelled to share it.

Our mission is to make Compliance Safe the number one retail solution for document management.

The best part of our day is when our customers tell us how much Compliance Safe has eliminated both risk and anxiety.

Our success story leads to yours.
With Compliance Safe.


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