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Managing paperwork is a headache for every retailer, with real risks that can lead to serious disruptions in your operations, closure and loss of revenue. Compliance Safe revolutionizes document compliance management to monitor, track and protect your business-critical documents, so your business stays in compliance and your doors stay open.

Never Miss a Deadline

Send automated, escalated compliance alerts for every permit, license and document.

Access from Anywhere, 24/7

Store, access and share all your documents from one encrypted, cloud-based repository.

Instantly Share Documents

Give team members and critical third parties instant access to view, add and share documents.

Easy to Use

Intuitive design, at-a-glance dashboards for real-time tracking, from any computer or device.


Stop using Spreadsheets

That spreadsheet you’re using won’t alert you when critical permits are within days of expiration, or let you share documents instantly with team members.


Hear What Others Are Saying

Compliance Safe is very valuable for keeping up to date with renewals. For example, if a state office is closed and not sending out renewals, I can rely on Compliance Safe to send me automatic renewal reminders via email.

Chloe Noonan

Permit & License Manager, StrasGlobal

Our members cannot afford NOT to use Compliance Safe.

Jim Calvin

President, NYACS (New York Association of Convenience Stores)
The paperwork generated by what I do can be overwhelming. But now it doesn’t have to be because I have Compliance Safe. If I am asked if I have current delivery certificates for all our Texas stores. I don’t have to rely on my memory, rifle through drawers or scroll through emails. Instead, I go to Compliance Safe.  I click on the state tab and I scroll down to Texas, where I find all our state sites sorted by city with all their various permits and certificates. In a matter of minutes I know exactly where we stand.

Ilene Noonan

Permit and License Consultant

Compliance Safe has many benefits that became clear to us right away. Compliance Safe’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboards, with automated email alerts for upcoming renewals has replaced our hard-to-maintain Excel spreadsheets.  Having Compliance Safe was also a real advantage when we recently acquired 8 Tradewinds sites. We were able to quickly and accurately integrate their accounts into our system. We think Compliance Safe is an essential tool for the c-store industry.

Joe Green

Director of Operations, Energy North, with 54 sites in New England and New York state
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Your Solution

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Built BY Retailers FOR Retailers

Compliance Safe was designed by industry experts who know first-hand the risk of lost paperwork and missed deadlines. We built Compliance Safe for us – and are now making it available to YOU.

Since its c-store introduction in October 2019 and grocery introduction in February 2020, Compliance Safe is quickly becoming retail’s leading document management tool for compliance.

A Quick Look

See how Compliance Safe keeps your business compliant.

Single Store or Small Business

Securely track time-sensitive documents via your dashboard, with auto alerts and an escalation process that will help you stay on top of your renewals.

Multi Locations or Large-Scale Operations

Share access across your team as well as with third parties who need to stay in the loop, such as bankers, suppliers, and insurance companies.

Stop Worrying!

Don’t rely on paper copies that can go missing.

Compliance Safe encrypts your documents and securely stores them in the cloud for easy access anytime, from anywhere. Now you can add, store and track ALL your business-critical documents:

Tobacco/Alcohol/Food Service Permits
Occupancy Permits
Tank and Line Testing Certifications
Training Certificates
Insurance Policies
COVID-19 Compliance Documents
Tax Forms and Business Statements

Custom Solutions

Hit the ground running with custom solutions that will meet your exact needs. Onboarding and document uploading services are available.


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